Tech'n Trade Incubator

Not your traditional program

Our 3rd program, #rebootHoReCa, focused on HoReCa industry, is open for registrations. We're searching for startups, projects and ideas that can help the HoReCa industry get back in a good shape.

rebootHoReCa program visual


Who can apply for #rebootHoReCa program? What are we looking for?

Anybody with an idea to help the HoReCa industry in the recovery period.

Professionals having expertise in a specific field from Hospitality, knowing that market and having an idea on how to support the HoReCa businesses.

Teams and startups with a product for the Hospitality Industry that are looking for extra resources, guidance and push in the HoReCa market

What do we offer?

  • Tailored activities, agreed together, according to your needs
  • Long-term partnership in the go-to-market strategy
  • Strategic advisory with mentors or experts from METRO Systems, METRO Cash & Carry and Partners for Problem/Product Validation
  • Visits or meetings with Metro Cash & Carry staff to understand need/problem and get feedback on the proposed idea
  • Hands-on work on design, prototyping, planning, pitching, business model, go-to-market strategy
  • Meetings and interactions with potential customers in the METRO Cash & Carry network


Applications and discussions
April 28th 2020 to May 29th 2020

Agreements and collaboration
April 29th 2020 to June 3rd 2020

Implement Collaboration
June to August 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to work full time on it?

    No, it is not a full time requirement. We will have a few activities that are jointly agreed together (progress meetings, advising, visits, workshops), but besides this you can manage your work as you prefer.

  • Can I present an idea that i have been working on already?

    Yes, you can. No problem with that, we’re looking to support good projects, regardless of the stage they are.

  • Will METRO take any equity in my new startup?

    No, for now METRO's only intention is to support the ideas/teams. In case we see a good fit/potential, we’re willing to invest and support startups further, then we could make a more advanced partnership proposal. The intellectual property created during the program and the startup is fully owned by the startup founders.

  • Will participants have access to Metro Cash & Carry?

    Yes, we plan to involve people from Metro Cash & Carry; participants will get the chance to get direct feedback and to test their use-cases in Metro Cash & Carry during the incubation period.