Tech'n Trade Incubator

We help young entrepreneurs and talented teams to create and launch their startup in retail!

Join Tech’n Trade Incubator created by Metro Systems Romania! We’ll equip you with the knowledge and support you need to create your own startup.

We’ve listed a set of 4 challenges/areas relevant to retail and wholesale domain that need innovation.

You can choose either to solve one of those challenges or you can just participate with your idea and you will be guided by our experts and mentors.

Starting with the hackathon, during a period of three months, we’ll help you perfect your idea create a prototype and test it in real situation within Metro’s ecosystem.


Who can apply? What are we looking for?

Students and young people looking to learn about startups, but not knowing what exactly to do next

Professionals having expertise in a specific field, knowing that market and having an idea on how to improve and create a business in there

Teams that know what to do and they are looking for extra resources and expert guidance

Workshop Problem-Solution fit

Problem Solution Fit Icon

We will kick-off with a workshop on 26th of October, focused on problem-solution fit.

Supported by 5 mentors with expertise in retail, startups and business, the participants will go through a process of refining the idea, the problem addressed, the solution proposed.

Participants will present their ideas or choose on which ideas to practice on Saturday morning.

Mentoring sessions and hands-on work will take place on the whole day of Saturday, guided by the trainers and in the evening participants will showcase what they have worked.

The best proposed ideas can be selected to participate in the incubation period following the workshop.


How do you keep shelves full in a huge store?

How do you identify the missing products on shelves?

How do you create a magical customer experience in METRO stores?

How do you get unspoken feedback from METRO's Clients?

Do you have another one? Bring it on!

You don't have an idea but you want to participate? No worries, you are more than welcome to join us!

What do we offer during the incubation period?

  • Free office space in our hub during the whole incubation period
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions with mentors or experts from Metro Systems and Metro Cash & Carry
  • Visits or meetings with Metro Cash & Carry staff to understand need/problem and get feedback on the proposed idea
  • Hands-on work on design, prototyping, planning, pitching, business model, go-to-market strategy
  • Participation in useful meetups and conferences facilitated by the incubator
  • Workshops on various topics during the incubation period:

    1. Overview on retail challenges and innovations possible

    2. Design thinking - analysing problems and solution brainstorming

    3. Idea/solution validation and customer development

    4. Business model, costs analysis and revenue strategy

    5. Prototyping and product management

    6. Go-to-market strategy and business development


until 25th of October

Kick-off workshop
26th of October

Incubation Program
November 2019 to February 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to work full time on it?

    No, it is not a full time requirement. We will have a few activities that are mandatory on a weekly basis (workshops, progress meetings, mentoring), but besides this you can manage your work as you prefer.

  • Can I present an idea that i have been working on already?

    Yes, you can. No problem with that, we’re looking to support good projects, regardless of the stage they are.

  • Will METRO take any equity in my new startup?

    No, for now METRO's only intention is to support the ideas/teams. In case we see a good fit/potential, we’re willing to invest and support startups further, then we could make a more advanced partnership proposal. The intellectual property created during the program and the startup is fully owned by the startup founders.

  • Will participants have access to Metro Cash & Carry?

    Yes, we plan to involve people from Metro Cash & Carry; participants will get the chance to get direct feedback and to test their use-cases in Metro Cash & Carry during the incubation period.