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What is Tech’n Trade Club?

At Tech’n Trade Club we are building a community for tech enthusiasts to share and develop their knowledge, ideas, discoveries and projects.

It is the place where you meet potential mentors, partners and investors, learn from your peers and start fruitful friendships. Here you advance your ideas, become a trusted professional, host events and build your network.

We are powered by Romania, the internal information technology provider of METRO worldwide. Our joint mission is to support and explore the world of retail & wholesale.

We ask for nothing in return but your involvement and enthusiasm. Be present, make your voice heard, ask questions and give answers. We are not here to judge or compete with you, but to grow together!

What Tech’n Trade Club is not?

IT's NOT a 9 to 5 office - It is a space designed to facilitate discussion and debate. As you test and develop your project you may find here an occasional office, but please bear in mind that this is not its main purpose. Also, be considerate with other people’s need for the same space.

IT's NOT a free coffeeshop - Of course coffee is fuel for creativity! That is why we offer it for free. Remember: our complimentary coffee is meant to be mostly a social prop to help you ignite the energy of your meeting.

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who has access rights?


IT enthusiasts who want to improve themselves in search of an equally enthusiastic group with whom they can share ideas and discoveries, socialize and develop.


tech professionals, no matter the department, looking for a community of like-minded people.


IT entrepreneurs building their network of professionals, partners, investors, creating opportunities for innovation to happen.

I match the profile. What can I do here?

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What's the joining algorithm?

  • You APPLY by filling in the form at
  • We REVIEW your profile
  • After admission pick up the ACCESS CARD at Str Teodor Mihali, nr 62, 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday at the front-desk (one floor above the Club)
  • COME to the Club whenever you need, during the opening hours (06:00- 22:00)
  • JOIN our Facebook group and never miss the latest insight. Use it to share your questions and ideas.


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Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Address

The address is Str. Teodor Mihali nr.62

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Coffee

Refreshments and wi-fi are on the house

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club No Fee

There’s NO membership fee

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Respectful

We encourage the respectful and responsible use of the Club’s resources.

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Open Hours

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 06:00 - 22:00, except during national holidays

Icon Techn\'n Trade Remember

Remember that other members need their time and place at the Club as much as you do. Please be mindful and make room for your colleagues when the place is crowded.