Tech'n Trade Club

A social space for tech enthusiasts


What is Tech’n Trade Club?

A shared space designed to inspire you while you work for a few hours,to host interesting IT events and facilitate networking.

Its ambition is to become a key place for the tech community in Cluj while providing you with the right space to do IT and meet the right people.


who has access rights?


IT enthusiasts in search of a perfect space to crash for couple of hours and do some IT (students also)


tech professionals, no matter the department


IT entrepreneurs with a hectic schedule, looking for a community of like-minded people

I match the profile. What can I do here?

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What's the joining algorithm?

  • You APPLY by filling in the form at
  • We REVIEW your profile
  • After admission pick up the ACCESS CARD at Str Teodor Mihali, nr 62, 09:00-17:00, Monday-Friday at the front-desk (one floor above the Club)
  • COME to the Club whenever you need, during the opening hours (06:00- 22:00)


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Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Address

The address is Str. Teodor Mihali nr.62

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Coffee

Coffee, tea and wi-fi are on the house

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club No Fee

There’s NO membership fee

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Respectful

We encourage the respectful and responsible use of the Club’s resources

Icon Techn\'n Trade Club Open Hours

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 06:00 - 22:00, except during national holidays